Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Whakawhanaunatanga/marae trip

In term one our main value has been whakawhanaunatanga. (How to use whakawhanaunatanga) you need to be nice and helpful. Like I did with my buddy at the marae when I helped him with the string game
Marae trip day one) my main goal in whakawhanaunatanga was to help people when tere stuck. When we got to the marae we first got welcomed. Then we had to do the activitys. Like korahe. After we did all the activitys our buddy's had to go so we said goodbye to them. The big buddy's could have a free play unti it was dinner. At dinner we had mashed potatoes and mince with beans. Then we washed our dishes 
Then we got to have some last minute play until we got changed. After we got changed we went to sleep.

Marae trip day 2) When we woke up while the girls were getting changed the boys did push ups on the gravel. After we all got changed we all had breakfast. Before we went to the gorge we did our jobs then made our own lunch. Then we finally went to the gorge after we walked back it was time to go in the back in the bus.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Writing sample term 1

In writing we have been writing about circus acts. Here is a picture of my trapeze writing
I wrote this to describe what it would be like to be a trapeze artist. We had 2 choices of writing the acts. One was pretending to be the person or writing about a report. I chose the report writing. (My feelings) It was reasonably challenging but it was fun at the same time.
I know this is a good peice because I described the act.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Reading sample

In reading I have been learning how to make a poster about the story we read. The reason is if we try to explain the whole story too our teacher it takes to long. So the whole point is explaining the story that we read but with less talking here is a poster that I did.
I chose this poster because it shows good info.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Managing self sample

In class we have been talking about managing our self. Joy said we can move our desks to where we work best. I chose the trapeze group. The trapeze group have to be good at helping, sharing and being kind. Here is a picture of our desks.

My goal is to not laugh when people be silly. Because when you laugh you bother the teacher and get in trouble. If I laugh the person might not stop. Here is a picture of my group