Sunday, 17 May 2015

River vs Beach Inquiry

Save our sand dunes

Here is a photo of my sand dunes chart and a photo of a sand plant. The reason I am posting this is because it helps me with my river vs beach inquiry.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Science PMI

Here is my PMI of our science trip hope you like it.
Plus we found interesting stuff and we got to take 2 of them.
Minus the wind was blowing hard.
Interesting there were some bones at the beach.

Science writing

Here is my science writing of what happened in 11th of May 2015 

The lunch box thief

We were talking about science when suddenly we were having early lunch.  I was so excited when suddenly my lunch box was not there ahhhh.  I panicked my lunch box was gone I went to R6.
I had just been told that the teachers had stolen our lunch boxes. The whole point was if animals don't have food they would get unhealthy and die and the other animal that eats they animal would die and it goes on and on.- food chain. Hope you enjoyed. 

Anzac blog post

In term 2 we have been learning about world war 1. The thing I mostly enjoyed during class was the army uniform because I looked like captain Faik and
the other thing I enjoyed was my haiku poem which is a poem with 17 syllable in total here it is 

the sky is dark black 
in the trenches they shoot gun
 at home we support lest we forget by Mike.
Here is a photo of me was the army uniform