Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dairy writing sample

 Week 2 30th of July 2015 In the past few days we have been doing some cool stuff. Now that Carolyn (our art teacher) has gone we have been planing our costumes for our dance preformence. At first I was worried because I was thinking that Joy would say make your costumes but she showed us how to make some designs I could make and add onto my costume then she gave us somthing simple she said make a 3D model of a foot here it is

Do you want to look at some of my designs here they are.

On Friday we started making our costumes. Here is my main plan.

Yellow hat: I dyed everything the colour I wanted
Black hat: At first I didn't know how to dye so I was nervous

Friday 11 plan

1: finish mini houses and glue them on to my top

2: edit the iron man mask ( example cameras bottens )

3: make another pair of wings

4: Get a jet pack made

5: get flame pants finished


The plan was easy but the making was hard this is what I have made, a few things have changed 
From my plan.

The wings represent how hot it would be when I'm flying 
The pants go with the wings
The top represent how I would see the view of land when I fly