Monday, 15 August 2016


Description: On Friday we did a thing called mathex. If you don't know what mathex is it's a activity that involves 53 teams with 24 people from each school. First there's the year six team they have 2 teams of five and there are 2 subs same for the year five team. Once the year sixes left we came in I got to meet some people like Finis, Luke and Tane then we placed our bags under a table. Then I sat down with the other sub Edward. When mathex is over our team came 2nd I was so happy. Here is a photo for the full mathex team.

Feedback: mike it think that you had a good chance to come in the top 3nd I am glad that you came 2nd i am so sad that you didn't come 1 but it is more then comeing 1st it is about having fun

Feedforward: but... I  think you can work on getting 1st at the mathex thing 

Reflection: I think mathex is a good opportunity to sharpen your math skills and put yourself in the learning pit. 

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  1. Thanks for all your ideas and contribution at the workshops Mike. You have grown in accuracy and being able to identify the math in complex word problems. Remember to listen to others ideas and learn to build on them. Mathex is all about communication and teamwork.