Sunday, 28 February 2016

How to listen

Today Our task was to create a movie that was 30 seconds long and you had to do 
Active listing (that's what you listen carefully and ask questions to prove that you have listened),busy listening (is when you Fidle with something and you keep buting in)
And me2 listening (is when you say your listening but you actually doing something else)
Here is the movie.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The treaty of waitanghi blog post

Jayden, Finis and I decided to do a Minecraft project. What happens is you get a serten amount of
ores then you have to ride a rollercoster when you stop there will be two doors and a question
and there will be two signs in front of the door that says answer if you enter the wrong door you  die if you go in the door that has the real answer than you can move on.

The big idea was to create kind of a maze that people could play on and learn stuff 
About the treaty of waitanghi because I always entend to do a poster. I think we did multi on the ru brick if your wondering 
What the ru brick is it is a chart that has diffrent levels. You can pick one of them to 
Try acheve .here is a photo
Feedback: I like how did the best 
FeedForward: I think that you should put a photo of one other places in you're map 

I think we worked pretty well because we only had a few arguments and other than that 
We worked fine.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Waitanghi day blog post

OWhat is the treaty of waitanghi 
The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement made in 1840 between representatives of the British Crown and more than 500 Māori chiefs. It resulted in the declaration of British sovereignty over New Zealand by Lieutenant Governor William Hobson in May 1840. Most chiefs signed a Māori-language version of the treaty. The English- and Māori-language versions held different meanings, and Māori and Europeans therefore had different expectations of the treaty’s terms. Ever since, resolution of these differences has presented New Zealand with challenge.

What happened before the treaty of waitanghi?

 In the 1830s an independent, Māori-controlled New Zealand was a frontier outpost of the British penal colony of New South WalesAs New Zealand’s trade and shipping expanded, relations between Māori and Europeans depended on a good working accord, but violence sometimes flared up. British law did not extend to controlling unruly British subjects in New Zealand, so some European residents asked the British government to intervene to maintain order. It was reluctant to do so.

The British government was more concerned by other developments. European speculators were reported to have purchased vast areas of New Zealand. At the same time the London-based New Zealand Company had firm plans for organised settlement in New Zealand. In 1839 the company prepared to buy land on either side of the Cook Strait, and dispatched ships there carrying several hundred settlers.

(Before the treaty of waitanghi NZ was a independent country)

How did the Europeans find NZ?

In their search for the vast ‘terra australis incognita’ (the unknown southern land) thought to lie in the Pacific, explorers made daring journeys across uncharted waters.

They did not find the fabled continent, but they did find New Zealand. First sighted by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, the country was later mapped by James Cook, the British captain who dominates the story of the European discovery of New Zealand.

(They were trying to find the terra Australis but they found NZ)

How many people signed the treaty of waitanghi?
About 40 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 1840. By the end of the year, about 500 other Māori, including 13 women, had put their names or moko to the document; all but 39 signed the Māori text. While some had clear expectations about what their agreement would bring, others chose not to sign the Treaty.

Monday, 1 February 2016

One word

This year Elly got somthing from face book it's called one word. You have to think of a word that will help you with your learning I chose time because I'm not good at time management

What needs to be in our post?
WALT set goal.
Screen shot of the criteria.
Description: Explain what one word is. Explain your word, why you chose it how it is going to help you.