Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Family tree

When the kappa Hakka kids go to kappa Hakka Elly and Troy teach us morai language. The first week
Elly and Troy us how to say your family in morai here is a photo.

And you had to make your own family tree I'm Korean so I wrote all my family members in Korean 
exept my mum and dad. Here is a photo

Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 camp portfolio sample

During camp you get to do ten activitys like archery , kayaking and rafting. These are just some of the
activitys in camp. The food was great too but the beds weren't great. On the first night
I did not have a good sleep at all because I woke up at four and I thought it was seven.
I didn't realise that until Juven  woke up and told me the time. We repeated this rotation
Well nearly at least. Frist we get up have breakfast come back to our cabins and
brush our teeth and wash our face after that we do our activities have skit practice
have a bit of free time then go into bed and sleep. Until on Thrusday after we do
our skit practise and our free time we did camp concert were we had To go to bed.
Here are some photos on my camp dairy and some other photos on camp

Feedback I like how you added in the photos of you and finis.
Feed forward none it is perfect.
From Alex
Thanks for the feedback and feedfoward

Thursday, 3 March 2016

My one word 2016

This year Elly got somthing from face book it's called one word. You have to think of a word that will help you with your learning I chose time because I'm not good at time management then we don't d our one word art. How that works is Elly took a photo of us pretending to holding a sign
Then she prented our photos. After that we got our photos then we had to measure how width
and the height then we wrote it on the back of our photo. Then we grabbed our writers note books 
and made our designs for our Pecie of paper that we are going to cut out with our measurement 
That we wrote on the back of our photo. We had to think of 2 designs at the end I ended up putting my designs together. Here is a photo

Feedback I think you chose a great word for what you need if only we all had more time­čść
Feedfoward: I think that you could have added something more something mikey­čść
-Jayden p.Thanks for the feedback and feed forward Jayden.

I think it was not easy but not hard for me 

Camp goals

Today we wrote our camp goals. one had to be a
Personal goal and one had to be a action goal here is a photo.