Sunday, 28 August 2016


In writing we have been learning about scentences. First there's a simple scentence which is when you have a verb and a adjective. Secondly there's a compound scentence that's when you join two simple scentnces toghther with a conjuction and the two simple scentences alone have to make sense. Last of all there is a complex scentence that's when you join two simple scentences together but they don't make sense. Here is my slide I made to show these three types of scentences.


Evaluation: I think working on scentences is a good topic to work on cause then you know what scentences your writing.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Book buddies

Description: In class we do this thing called book buddies. When we first started book buddies we had to buddy up with a friend and choose a book every week and then have a chat about the book we read here is me and finis's slide.

Monday, 15 August 2016


Description: On Friday we did a thing called mathex. If you don't know what mathex is it's a activity that involves 53 teams with 24 people from each school. First there's the year six team they have 2 teams of five and there are 2 subs same for the year five team. Once the year sixes left we came in I got to meet some people like Finis, Luke and Tane then we placed our bags under a table. Then I sat down with the other sub Edward. When mathex is over our team came 2nd I was so happy. Here is a photo for the full mathex team.

Feedback: mike it think that you had a good chance to come in the top 3nd I am glad that you came 2nd i am so sad that you didn't come 1 but it is more then comeing 1st it is about having fun

Feedforward: but... I  think you can work on getting 1st at the mathex thing 

Reflection: I think mathex is a good opportunity to sharpen your math skills and put yourself in the learning pit. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016


This term our goal is Panekiretanga ,excellence. Excellence is a about encouraging others trying  your best and never giving up. Here is my slide I created.


Evaluation. I think excellence is a good goal to work for